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A cutting-edge program, the practice of council at Wilshire Park provides a safe and engaging opportunity for our students to listen to and speak to others in a meaningful way.  Council may take the form of a reading, writing, science, or history circle where children are invited to take turns speaking to an issue or concept related to that academic content area.  An essential component to learning is active listening and speaking.  Council promotes that kind of real life experience where students are invited to share their own stories, thoughts, dream and ideas as well as to learn from their classmates. When a young mind can really quiet itself down to listen and respond to what is being learned, a true connection between new learning and lasting knowledge can be made.  This is what every teacher and parent wants for this generation; to take the latest and greatest tools being offered so that our children will have all that they need to really “make it” in life.  Today’s students are technically savvy but how well will these citizens of the 21st century really do when it comes to navigating their way through socially and/or emotionally challenging situations?   Think middle school, high school, or on the job…. Council provides that missing piece that helps nurture our students’ hearts and minds.   The mission here at Wilshire Park is that all of our ‘Rockets’ will not only have the academic edge but the social and emotional intelligence to deal with the challenges of school, career, and life now and in the future.    Check here for information on upcoming Parent Councils, too! 

For more information on the Council in Schools Program check out the CIS website:

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