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LAUSD Gifted & Talented "GATE" Parent Resource

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GATE Coordinators

Contact: Ms. Liza Kim

Call office (213-739-4760) and leave message



The goal of the Wilshire Park Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) program is to provide challenging, differentiated, and accelerated individualized and group projects in class and at home. Wilshire Park aligns their GATE program philosophy as the LAUSD which is:

The Purpose of Gifted/Talented  Programs creates high end learning opportunities which allow students to flourish in stimulating academic and social environments.  In designing challenging educational opportunities, we strive to raise the floor, remove the walls and eliminate the ceiling on learning.

Wilshire Park's Mission of the GATE Program

GATE students may be grouped or clustered with high achieving, intellectual, and artistic domains in either a self-contained classroom or in a departmentalized setting. There are numerous opportunities for GATE students to have unique educational experiences in academic, artistic, athletic, and leadership here at Wilshire Park.

Wilshire Park GATE Program and Class Design

Classes are arranged by "clusters" or groups. They are created by administrative and teacher recommendation using a combination of data as well as GATE identification by the LAUSD GATE Psychological Services.  Depending on program design and spacing, students may be organized into small "clusters" (5-8 students preferably) or may be full self-contained classes beginning in third grade. Even though students can be referred and assessed in the 2nd semester of Kindergarten, Wilshire Park's GATE Program will begin the referral process as early as 2nd Grade (unless there is a great need to refer a kindergarten or 1st grade student for GATE).

Referrals are made by the classroom teacher and/or GATE coordinator and recommendation is based on either achievement/test scores, intellectual ability, or talents. Parents may request GATE referral but students are still required for screening to determine if psychological assessment is warranted 

Teacher Requirements for GATE Program

Teachers are required to demonstrate a minimum of 16 hours annually of professional development in Gifted And Talented Education instruction. G.A.T.E. teachers are highly-qualified, credentialed teachers with numerous years of professional development in the areas of differentiation, acceleration, project based learning, and extra-curricular/enrichment to foster the love of learning and to provide a rich, well-rounded educational experience for our students.


For Parents

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